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Monthly sessions will be conducted through Lunch and Learn and Evening webinars so that all parents can attend.   The virtual conference links will be posted on the main page ahead of the workshop date.

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Taking the Temperature - How Are We doing at This Time?  We can imagine that the shift from in-person to virtual learning for students and parents is not easy. How are you feeling? How can we help?
9/15/2020 Virtual Learning-Synchronous vs Asynchronous Learning

There are two modes of interaction and communication in virtual learning.  Learn what they are and how they work.

10/13/2020  Keeping Kids Motivated  for Virtual Learning

Learn how to keep students motivated and on track for success with virtual learning.

11/17/2020 How Do I Teach My Kids to Protect Themselves Online?

Empower your child(ren) to protect themselves online. Learn why this is the best way to safeguard them against risk.

12/15/2020 Parents Ultimate Guide to Youtube, Tik Tok, Snapchat and Instagram With so Many social media apps to keep track of, it's not surprising that your child’s obsession with social media leaves you scratching your head.  Find out what they are all about.
1/19/2021 Parents' Ultimate Guide to Smart Devices

Are smart speakers OK for kids? Should you buy smart home technology? What are the benefits of smart devices and what are the privacy and security risks? Everything you need to know about smart stuff for families. 

2/16/2021 Managing Screen Time- 5 Signs of Screen Overload and How to Handle Them Explore the warning signs that your child(ren)’s screen time is tipping into the trouble zone and effective strategies for getting back on solid ground.
3/16/2021 How to Help Students Develop Digital Citizenship Digital Citizenship is one of the most important elements in our lives. Help students learn how to engage in a digital environment with responsibility and confidence to develop as leaders.
5/18/2021 How to boost Summer Learning

Helping students keep their academic skills polished by staying engaged and focused during the summer.